It is estimated that there are 40 million blind people in the world. Over 12 million of them live in India. Of these more than three million are incurably blind. According to the 2001 Indian census, there are 334,662 incurably blind people in the state of Kerala and at least 40,000 are children and adolescents. Only about 1500 of them are receiving any kind of education or rehabilitation service.
    The Kerala Blind School Society (KBSS) endeavors to serve those not yet reached. It is our aim to help them earn a living by providing them with education as well as other necessary skills.

Our beginning

    Responding to the call of Kerala Christian Council, in 1962, three eminent and socially committed persons, Mr. W.O. George, Mr. P.A. Mathew and Mr. K.P. Appu Menon founded our school with the support of Rev. C.I. Mathunny. Later in 1964, the school’s management was transferred to a newly registered charitable organization named the Kerala Blind School Society (KBSS) which was formed by like minded persons from Christians of South India (CSI), Marthoma and Orthodox Churches. It is registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literacy, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act of 1955. Its operational office is located at Kizhmad, 5 kms from Aluva off the Aluva-Perumbavoor road.


    Our school provides primary and secondary education to visually impaired students. Their education, accommodation, and food are provided free of charge. We also run a rehabilitation center with the aim of teaching vocational skills to our students. Our school also maintains a physiotherapy center. The school curriculum gives great importance to computer education, arts and crafts in addition to the regular academics. Our students are also very enthusiastic about participating in sports activities for the visually impaired including cricket, volley ball and table tennis. At present we have an excellent cricket team and an excellent volley ball team.


    There are many challenges we face. The government of Kerala pays our teachers' salary and benefits. Many institutions such as Christian Blind Mission (CBM), Federal Institute of Science and Technology (FISAT), and corporations such as Federal Bank and Larsen & Toubro (L&T) do support us on a regular basis. Above all, we rely on the generous and kind hearted support of our fellow human beings to fulfill the responsibilities to our students. Our aim is to provide our students with the best quality education which will enable them to stand on their own feet with dignity and self respect and this is our biggest challenge.


    An eighteen-member governing council, elected by the general body, is responsible for the management of the society and its activities. The council secretary is the manager of the school. All the members of the society hold good reputation in the community. They hold their positions out of selfless wishes to serve the community and especially the visually impaired individuals.